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Arbitrations and Collective Bargaining in the Education Sector - Webinars

30-Oct-13 to 13-Nov-13

Presented by Teresa Haykowsky, David Risling and Gerhard Seifner, this series of webinars discussed what Arbitrators are saying about how you should manage teaching staff, how to win grievance arbitrations, good collective bargaining processes and negotiation techniques.

Part I: How to Win Your Grievance Arbitrations – Making Sure You Are Doing It Right

This webinar provided practical advice regarding the preparation of a successful case at arbitration, including:

  • Document disclosure;
  • Witness preparation;
  • Hearing strategies (development of a theory of a case, assess elements of proof, how can weak points become points of strength, properly gathering evidence, computer evidence); and
  • Opening and closing statements.

Part II: Collective Bargaining in the Education Sector: A Webinar created for Alberta School Board Employers

The webinar covered recent decisions of Alberta’s labour board relating to collective bargaining, address good collective bargaining processes and negotiation techniques and address what to avoid in collective bargaining, and collective bargaining strategies in difficult economic times.

Part III: Managing Your Teaching Personnel and Recent Rulings of Arbitrators: What Arbitrators Are Saying About How You Should Manage Teaching Staff

This webinar discussed the recent rulings of arbitrators and what they are saying about managing your professional staff in the workforce. We will focus on some of the most significant school board arbitral decisions regarding:

  • Employee evaluations;
  • Employee discipline;
  • Current harassment in the workplace issues;
  • Managing teacher sick leave, managing return to work of teachers from LTD attendance management; and
  • Disciplining disabled employees.


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