Alex Dingman


Alex Dingman

Alex is a Student-at-Law in our Calgary office.

Alex earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Calgary. He previously earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University, graduating with distinction.

While in law school, Alex lent his time to various Pro Bono Students Canada projects, including the Not In My City Project and the Emergency Protection Order Project. In his capacity as Volunteer, he presented research findings and submitted a final written report to the Alberta Human Trafficking Task Force. He also conducted intake interviews and assisted with applications for Emergency Protection Orders at the Calgary Courts Centre.

Alex’s professional experience includes working as a Research Assistant for the Experiential Learning in Legal Advocacy Project. He was responsible for overseeing research that documented the implementation of experiential learning in legal education. Alex coauthored an article presenting his findings entitled “Creating the ‘Whole Advocate’ Through Experiential Learning in the Law Classroom,”. The article is slated to be published in Volume 10 of the Canadian Legal Education Annual Review.

Alex also worked as a Teacher at a Calgary high school. During his initial year, he was nominated for the Edwin Parr Teacher Award for outstanding effort and dedication in the first year of teaching. While teaching, Alex coached students taking part in the Calgary Law Day Mock Trial Competition. He taught students the basics in civil trial procedure and helped them to develop arguments for fictional civil trial fact scenarios.

Outside of law, Alex enjoys live music, reading (particularly historical non-fiction), camping, and hiking.