Alex Dingman


Alex Dingman

Alex is an adept litigator who offers measured and practical solutions to intricate problems. He carefully assesses options to help clients plan a route forward through effective preparation and communication.

His diverse practice includes commercial litigation, environmental and energy matters, and insurance defence. He has experience working with commercial organizations, municipalities, and individuals navigating both civil litigation and regulatory proceedings.

Alex works with clients to develop tailored strategies for approaching complex commercial issues, and has experience involving business and contract disputes, professional liability matters, and directors’ and officers' liability claims. In regulatory proceedings, Alex has assisted with energy project approvals and in the defence of environmental enforcement actions.

As a highly motivated and detail-oriented advocate, Alex brings innovative ideas to legal matters, and skillfully presents cogent analysis and opinions. Clients who work with Alex can be assured that their best interests and goals remain front of mind through consistent communication and collaboration.

Most recently, Alex coauthored an article presenting findings in the area of legal pedagogy entitled “Creating the ‘Whole Advocate’ Through Experiential Learning in the Law Classroom”, which was published in Volume 10 of the Canadian Legal Education Annual Review.