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    At McLennan Ross, we strive to provide our team with the tools, opportunities, and challenges they need to reach their full potential– this especially extends to our articling students and summer students. Our people are our greatest asset and everyone on our team is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. We value entrepreneurial -minded people who can think outside the box and offer a new perspective. Our success requires teamwork, continuous mentorship, a focus on skill development, and recognition of effort. The articling students and summer students of McLennan Ross are truly members of the firm. With us you will be busy, challenged, and treated like a lawyer.


    • Edmonton


      Are you looking for a firm experience that offers a full breadth of service exposure? Look no further than our Edmonton office! With the opportunity to experience litigation, environmental, insurance, corporate, labour and employment law, and the niche areas within those practices, your articling experience will truly offer you variety. As an articling student, you’ll have the chance to develop your skills working on exciting and active matters with some of the leading lawyers in Alberta.

      During your articling term, you will complete a structured rotation through our main practice areas; Labour and Employment, Risk Management and Insurance, Commercial Litigation, and Corporate. In addition, Edmonton students will spend two weeks in Calgary to gain exposure to our Calgary office’s litigation focus.

      Our Edmonton office currently has 4 articling students, 2020/2021 and our hire back rate has historically been 100%.

    • Calgary


      Are you looking to litigate and can’t wait to get on your feet? You’ll fit right in. Our Calgary office specializes exclusively in litigation. As an articling student, you’ll have the chance to develop your advocacy skills working on exciting and active matters with some of the leading trial and hearing lawyers in Alberta.

      During your articling term you’ll complete a structured rotation through our main practice areas; Labour and Employment, Risk Management and Insurance, Commercial Litigation, and Regulatory. In addition, Calgary students will spend two weeks in Edmonton to gain exposure to the additional areas of practice offered there. The Calgary office currently has 3 articling students, 2020/2021 and our hire back rate is 100%.

    • Yellowknife


      For almost 50 years McLennan Ross has had the privilege of providing its legal services throughout the North: Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and the Yukon.

      In 1999, McLennan Ross proudly opened its Yellowknife office to specifically address the local needs of governments, municipalities, individuals, corporations, and others living and doing business in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Since then, our Yellowknife office has grown to one of the largest private law firms in the North with six lawyers based in Yellowknife.

      While we do not regularly take articling students in our Yellowknife office, if you’re interested in articling with us in Yellowknife, please contact Edward Gullberg at

    Our Team

    If you are interested in learning more about being a summer student or articling with McLennan Ross, please feel free to reach out to the key contact at the applicable office.

    Articling inquiries should be addressed to:

    Summer student inquiries should be addressed to:


    Rhea Sajonas 780.482.9218


    Jullie Buehner 403.303.1653 

    For all general inquiries email

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    & Interview Tips

    Here is some general information to help you with your overall approach to application and the interview process.

    Consider what size and type of firm you are interested in – small, medium or large? Boutique or general practice? Once you have an idea of what you want, go to the legal directories and to the internet and identify which firms meet your criteria.

    Take time to research various firms and learn what you can about each. Learn enough about the firms so you can differentiate them in your own mind during the interview process. Contact current articling students as they can provide valuable insight into the application process and what to expect at that particular firm.

    Go into the process with an open mind, looking for a summer position or articling position should be seen as an opportunity to learn more about different firms and practice areas. Identify and understand your goals and interests so that you can ask questions that will help you decide which firm is right for you.

    Your cover letter and resume are the first impression that the firm will have of you. This is your first opportunity to make an impression and there are a few common pitfalls that you can avoid. By all means highlight your achievements, your background and your hobbies, but ensure that you have made no spelling or grammatical errors and that you have taken time to write a cover letter that speaks to your interest in McLennan Ross specifically. This is where the research that you have done will help you, ensuring that you understand what types of law each firm and each office practice, you can be more intentional in your cover letter. Be sure to include your transcripts and any references that you have during the application process.

    The interview is the most critical part of the process at McLennan Ross. Prepare for the interview carefully. It is helpful to demonstrate some knowledge our firm and the lawyers who are interviewing you (this is another reason to do your research). Common tips for a successful interview would include dressing professionally, making eye contact, be courteous and be on time. This is an opportunity for the people that you meet to see who you are and how you may fit into the firm. Be yourself.

    Remember that the interview is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the firm and to assess whether this is a fit for you. You should prepare questions that you want to ask in advance. You should make note of the answers so that you can refer back to them later. Engage with every person that you meet during the process, it will help you get a feel for the workplace culture.

    It is helpful to make or add to any notes that you took immediately after the interview while the conversations and people are fresh in your mind. This will also allow you to make a note of any additional questions that you may have not had the opportunity to ask.  

    The interviewers always appreciate hearing back from candidates after the interview and it is a great opportunity to ask a follow up question or express your interest in the firm.