Why McLennan Ross

What matters to our clients, matters to us.

We know there is a story behind every legal issue, and we want to hear it. Our lawyers take the time to learn your business and we’re never too busy to listen or provide our advice. 

We believe going above and beyond means becoming immersed in your problems and looking for effective solutions. It’s about practical advice, not pursuing legal processes that don’t have an upside. At McLennan Ross, we put in the time that is needed no matter when it is required. We go above and beyond to find the best solution possible for you and your business because we care about your problems as if they were our own. 

It’s 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration.

We have some of the most accomplished and celebrated lawyers in our areas of practice because of our breadth and depth of expertise, and because we hold ourselves to the highest of standards.

We are steady and unwavering in our advocacy and our clients know and appreciate this. They seek us out, not only for our tremendous experience and knowledge, but also for the level of analysis, care, and attention we give to each client matter. By approaching every case with intention and purpose, we act on what matters most for each client.

Whether it is in a courtroom or a boardroom, we advocate fiercely and with resolve.

We get it done.

We are in the business of solving problems. Our lawyers apply the law in the larger context of your matter, seeing beyond the narrow legal issue to how we can help you succeed.

We believe that there is never a problem without a solution. We’re fully engaged and determined to get it right for you, our client.

Not only do we do the work, but you can be sure that we will give you the straight facts - the good and the bad - and we will always tell you how it is.

Other lawyers will tell you what you can’t do. Let us tell you what you can do.