Cynthia Aoki


Cynthia Aoki

Cynthia Aoki approaches litigation with sincerity and science. With degrees in human biology and neuroscience, she can decipher even the most complex scientific reports and apply her knowledge to insurance defence litigation and matters involving personal injury. 

She handles litigation involving personal injury, construction, errors and omissions, property damage, and professional malpractice. From complex motor vehicle accidents to cases involving pesticide sprayers, Cynthia has a broad range of experience that she can apply to novel and unique claims. 

Cynthia handles multi-party commercial litigation cases with a particular interest in matters involving errors and omissions and the construction industry. She represents general contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, and engineers in construction matters including negligent construction, leaky condo construction, and welding claims. 

Whether in negotiations, meetings or court appearances, Cynthia brings honesty, integrity and reliability to all areas of her litigation practice. She believes in working collaboratively to address her clients’ interests and finding creative, cost-effective solutions to even the most complex litigation matters. 

Clients can expect a responsive and highly capable litigator. To Cynthia, hard work and attention to detail are essential to providing exceptional service, but open and honest communication is the key to ensuring a successful outcome. Cynthia strives to understand and establish a client's expectations right from the start to set a clear strategy and avoid misunderstandings. Once expectations are established, she works hard to exceed them.