Darryl Carmichael


Darryl Carmichael

Darryl is a diligent, detailed, and reliable lawyer with a strong commitment to the law and advocacy. Focused on building a broad practice in litigation, Darryl’s primary interest lies in commercial litigation.

He is skilled in providing legal services on various issues related to defamation, construction, and partnership disputes. Additionally, Darryl regularly provides research assistance on fiduciary obligations, contract law, wrongful dismissal, defamation, procedure, civil conspiracy, and oppression, among others.

Darryl has appeared before the Court of King's Bench of Alberta. His experience in Court proceedings has equipped him to vigorously advocate for his clients and skillfully conduct witness examinations.

Personable in his approach to client matters, Darryl focuses on building rapport, identifying common interests, and demonstrating capability to build trust and long-term relationships with clients. Furthermore, he is meticulous and adopts an analytical approach to cases, resulting in thorough analysis of all issues and the ability to offer efficient and effective solutions.