Don Dear, Q.C.


Don Dear, Q.C.

Don is a skilled and loyal advocate who relates to his clients on a personal level, offering practical solutions that go beyond litigating files. In his 33 years at McLennan Ross, Don has established himself as a resourceful problem-solver who can handle any dispute.

His diverse practice includes Class Actions, Commercial Litigation, Construction, Insurance and Professional Liability. Through practicing in a variety of fields, Don has garnered insight into the ways in which different industries address risks and contingency problems and can adapt those solutions to resolve his clients’ issues.

Over the course of his career, Don has represented clients at every level of Alberta’s courts, the Supreme Court of Yukon, the British Columbia Supreme Court, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench and Federal Court. He has appeared before various boards and administrative tribunals, including The Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta, and has appeared as counsel for interested parties in Public Fatality Inquiries.

In the courtroom, Don is a formidable force. His assuredness in court stems from his extensive trial experience. He has acted as counsel in over 40 Queen’s Bench trials and innumerable court applications. He has participated in hundreds of mediations, judicial dispute resolutions and arbitrations, including arbitrations under the International Commercial Arbitration and Conciliation (UNICTRAL) Rules.

Don is consistently recognized by industry directories as one of the top litigators in Canada. He has been a member of The Law Society of Yukon since 1992.