Ethan Zipman


Ethan Zipman

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Ethan embraces complex challenges, identifies untapped opportunities, and delivers constructive solutions. 

Ethan is a member of our Insurance and Commercial Litigation Practice Groups. A creative and ambitious negotiator, Ethan excels at parsing out the issues to help his clients curtail disputes while maintaining court as the last resort. He has a marked ability to put complicated issues into understandable terms, and to provide adaptable strategies to advance your case.

Ethan has appeared and litigated at the Provincial Court of Alberta, the Court of King's Bench, and other administrative tribunals. With diverse experience, Ethan can advise his clients at all stages of a litigation.

Ethan takes a reflective listening approach when working with clients. He values efficiency, mutuality, and tact while offering prompt, honest, and clear communication underscored by an unmistakable dedication to furthering his clients’ best interests.