Fred Fenwick, K.C.


Fred Fenwick, K.C.

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Practicing in Alberta since 1980, Fred is an experienced and accomplished litigator and trial lawyer. He is widely respected and acknowledged as a vigorous advocate who defuses difficult situations to deliver efficient, client-focused results. 

Fred maintains a general litigation practice that includes corporate and financial issues as well as family law and estates matters. He also regularly defends lawyers accused of professional negligence.

Fred represents clients in all facets of commercial disputes with an emphasis on civil matters including corporate and commercial litigation such as oil and gas disputes, shareholders disputes and the duties and responsibilities of corporate directors and officers. He is particularly skilled at assisting clients in shareholder issues involving closely held corporations and the important issues of transition of control and valuation of corporate assets. Fred has acted for both employers and employees in matters involving the dismissal of senior employees and complicated executive compensation schemes including the valuation and award of stock options and other flexible executive compensation. 

Clients frequently look to Fred for guidance in addressing intricate family and estate matters. Family law and estate litigation matters are often convoluted with many moving parts and years of deferred maintenance, but they can be managed successfully with the experience and proficiency Fred has acquired throughout his distinguished career. Fred has skillfully assisted clients in matters pertaining to the valuation and transition of family corporations, spousal and child support in high net-worth cases, the valuation of professional practices, offshore assets, and pension and investment income assets. He has tried contested dependent adult matters, variations of wills and trusts (including contested and incompletely drafted spousal trusts), the challenging of and replacement of personal representatives (executors) and has represented disappointed beneficiaries in claims regarding incompetently drafted wills.

Fred knows a few things because he’s done a few things. His diverse background allows him to effectively adapt to unforeseen challenges and opportunities. He’s been a policeman, a prosecutor, a defence lawyer, a civil lawyer, a Director of the Legal Aid Society and a Bencher of the Law Society. He has sat in judgement of lawyers accused of wrongdoing and defended the civil cases brought against them.  He’s seen how problems develop from start to finish and has a talent for quickly sizing up the documents, players and perspectives of an issue. 

Fred believes that often the most successful victory is one you did not have to contest. Sometimes the solution is not obvious and doesn't always require a fight. This approach has earned him the respect and regard of virtually everyone he has worked with throughout his career. He practices with a generosity and integrity that impresses clients, judges, jurors, and opposing counsel alike. 

Fred’s contributions to the practice of law in Alberta have been recognized by his appointment as director of the Legal Aid Society of Alberta (2003-2008), appointment as King's Counsel in 2006, and three elections as a Bencher (director) of the Law Society of Alberta for three-year terms in 2009-2011, 2012-2014 and 2015-2017.

Fred has been for years, the Professional Responsibility lecturer at the various bar admission courses, written book reviews and editorials on Aboriginal Law for Law Now, and is especially interested in historical Calgary. He has been the past president of the Edworthy Park Heritage Society (which won the Calgary award for Environmental Excellence in 2003), and is a Director of the Ranche at Fish Creek Restoration Society which raised the funds to restore the William Roper Hull/Senator Burns Family heritage ranch house at Fish Creek Park.