Jeremy Dixon


Jeremy Dixon

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Jeremy’s holistic approach sets his services apart. He offers tailored solutions that account for as many factors as possible while effectively addressing his clients’ concerns.

Jeremy’s diverse practice focuses on Indigenous law, corporate commercial securities, and environmental law. He has experience advising clients with respect to Indigenous law, including work for Indigenous governments and business organizations. Knowledgeable regarding the ins and outs of practicing in the North, Jeremy also has an extensive background in Northern government, including significant experience developing new laws and policies to address unresolved and complex societal problems.

Jeremy is also a US-licensed lawyer, having relocated to Canada from Texas.  Jeremy is part of the immigration team and helps businesses with relocating staff to the US through its economic immigration streams.

Jeremy began his career on the public, regulatory side of natural resources projects, with a focus on oil and gas, energy infrastructure, and extractive initiatives. Representative projects he has worked on include the Deepwater Horizon oil spill for the US federal government, the Keystone XL pipeline for the Canadian federal government, and several Northern mining projects. Jeremy uses this experience to help Northern enterprises and public institutions successfully navigate the legal obligations of operating in the North.

Jeremy also works with municipalities, combining his legislative and corporate background to help them address the range of issues they face, including managing their corporate affairs and revising their bylaws. Additionally, having helped revamp the North’s land administration systems for the Government of the Northwest Territories, Jeremy works with commercial clients to complete real property sales. His considerable experience with the Northern land management and municipal contexts on the government side, including working with Indigenous concerns, has allowed him to better understand the complexities of navigating key Northern land, business, and community issues.

Jeremy excels at managing intricate problems with many inputs and strategic considerations to design and execute efficient action plans. He walks clients through each step of the legal process, providing easily understandable explanations and proposed solutions. Clients appreciate Jeremy’s commitment to ensuring they are comfortable and well-informed.