Jesse Neufeld


Jesse Neufeld

An unflinching competitor, Jesse connects with clients on a personal level to help determine what a “win” means to them. He leverages his analytical abilities, economics background, and sound logic to deliver pragmatic solutions for complicated legal issues.

Jesse focuses his practice on insurance law. He has considerable experience defending clients in motor vehicle accident claims, including high-speed accidents. His has also defended insurers in claims relating to long term disability and personal injury. With each matter he takes on, Jesse puts measures in place to limit his clients’ exposure to risk and ensures they know what to expect throughout legal proceedings.

A tough negotiator, Jesse champions his clients’ rights in and out of the courtroom. He has appeared at the Provincial and Supreme Court in BC, the Alberta Provincial Court and King's  Bench, and is seasoned in various other alternative dispute resolution methods.

Jesse is detailed and organized. With meticulous preparation and a thorough understanding of claims processes, he sets realistic expectations while adhering to clients’ internal deadlines. He is committed to providing timely updates, consistently following up, and being prepared to adapt when unexpected issues arise.  For clients, this approach inevitably instills a sense of confidence and security while their matters are being resolved.