Karen Platten, Q.C.


Karen Platten, Q.C.

Karen Platten believes in a practical and efficient approach that saves her clients time and money. With more than 30 years of experience, she is able to provide a wealth of knowledge in estate planning, trusts, estate administration, and dependency claims.

Karen handles all types of estate planning, with a particular focus on assisting business owners and individuals navigate complex matters such as multi-jurisdictional estate planning and estate planning in second and third marriage situations. She assists clients with issues of domicile, prenuptial, and cohabitation agreements as part of an estate plan.

Her experience also includes acting as an arbitrator in matters involving Enduring Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives. Karen provides guidance when attorneys and agents need advice and direction on their responsibilities and in fulfilling their obligations. She has appeared on contested matters, including family maintenance and support applications under the Wills and Succession Act, applications for advice and direction of the court, proof of will applications, trusteeship of missing persons, determination of beneficial entitlement in estates, and many more.

The best strategies for resolution are always based on her clients’ best interests and Karen’s extensive experience in mediation has taught her that a path to settlement in litigation is the best solution for her clients in most situations.

In addition, Karen assists with all types of trusts, including family, residence, and spousal trusts, the use of trusts in wills for children and others who need financial assistance, as well as alter ego, and joint partner trusts.

Karen regularly contributes to various publications, both for the legal profession and for the public. She has spoken before many different groups including the Legal Education Society of Alberta, Wills Week for the Edmonton Community Foundation, and the Wills and Estates Section of the Canadian Bar Association.