Immigration Developments from the Fall Economic Statement

Delays processing immigration applications are becoming increasingly frustrating for Canadian employers. In the 2016 Parliamentary Committee Report, the Federal Government once again acknowledged that delays in processing time have a negative impact on employers seeking to have their labour needs met effectively and efficiently in a challenging market.

In the Fall Economic Statement 2016, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced that changes will be forthcoming to address this particular concern.

Global Skills Strategy
The Federal Government has announced the introduction of the “Global Skills Strategy”, which will set the new processing time for obtaining work permits in Canada at two weeks. The Global Skills Strategy will specifically target “low-risk, high skill talent” for rapidly expanding Canadian companies and global companies looking to branch out in Canada.

New Work Permit Exemption
In addition to the Global Skills Strategy, the Government also announced that there will be a new work permit exemption for short-duration work terms. The short-duration work permit exemption will be used to facilitate short-term, inter-company work exchanges, study exchanges, or the entrance of temporary expertise into the Canadian labour market.

Assistance for Employers and Employees
The Global Skills Strategy opens a new opportunity for employers to bring in workers with minimal delay. Welcomed by a number of employers and entrepreneurs across Canada, the announcement allows for larger employers to effectively bring in their needed-talent with minimal delay. Specialized advice from skilled practitioners can greatly assist in developing a plan for employers building their labour forces.