MR Calgary Office Takes on a Second Floor in the Eau Claire Tower

We’re pleased to announce our recent expansion of the Calgary office to the 20th floor of the Eau Claire Tower.

When we first opened our doors in Edmonton over 100 years ago, dedication, authenticity, pragmatic solutions, and exceptional service were the foundation of our firm. More than a century later, those attributes remain steadfast.

In 1996, to be more accessible to our clients further south, Damon Bailey, K.C. and Tom Ross, K.C., along with McLennan Ross alumni Neil McLennan and Phil Ponting, orchestrated a pivotal move down Highway 2, culminating in the establishment of our Calgary office. Since then, the Calgary office has grown from four lawyers to a team of 52 lawyers.

As we expand, we recognize the importance of providing an environment that fosters efficiency, collaboration, and exceptional service. As such, we are pleased to announce that we have added a second floor in response to our ongoing success. In the new space, which accommodates our litigation team, we continue to provide top tier legal support to our clients and develop exceptional young lawyers.