Environmental Appeals Board Members Reappointed

By Order in Council dated October 6, 2021, (O.C. 282/2021), the Lieutenant Governor in Council has made reappointments to the Environmental Appeals Board (the “Board”) under section 90 of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act for terms as follows:

Effective October 21, 2021, expiring September 29, 2022:

a)     Nick Tywoniuk

Effective October 21, 2021, expiring October 20, 2023:

a)     Brenda Ballachey;

b)    Meg Barker;

c)     Anjum Mullick

Effective November 27, 2021, expiring November 26, 2023:

a)     Line Lacasse;

b)    Chris Powter

Effective February 25, 2022, expiring February 24, 2024:

a)     Kurtis Averill;

b)    Barbara Johnston;

c)     Chidinma Thompson

The Board is an independent administrative agency with the authority to hear appeals from decisions made under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, the Water Act, and the Climate Change and Emissions Management Act, which are administered by Alberta Environment and Parks. It also hears appeals from decisions regarding enforcement orders related to Restricted Development Areas under the Government Organization Act, Schedule 5, section 6. Decisions before the Board may include approvals, water licenses, preliminary certificates, remediation certificates, administrative penalties, enforcement orders and environmental protection orders.

The Board serves as a quasi-judicial body and has all the powers of a commissioner under the Public Inquires Act while carrying out its functions. However, the Board places a high value on its mediation program and encourages participants to use mediation as the primary way of resolving appeals. Board mediations are meant to promote open and collaborative discussions between participants and encourages individuals to come up with their own solutions.