Aaron Mann


Aaron Mann

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Aaron is a skilled and approachable lawyer who prioritizes his clients’ interests with an emphasis on risk mitigation strategies to ensure optimal solutions.

His practice encompasses a broad range of environmental and commercial matters, which include environmental litigation, commercial litigation, contaminated site litigation, power & utilities, renewables, and energy regulatory law. Aaron’s experience extends to fisheries, forestry, and other natural resource-related matters, as well as environmental matters for large industry projects. Aaron assists clients with general litigation matters, environmental and regulatory offences, and environmental liability.

Attuned to the dynamic impacts of regulations, climate change, and global demands on the natural resource sector, Aaron supports industry leaders and industrial technology-based companies to navigate the complexities of environmental regulations.

Clients rely on his responsiveness, concise, and logical approach to problem-solving. His experience enables him to anticipate risks and provide proactive strategic advice on environmental and energy-related issues.