Andrew Singh


Andrew Singh

In all aspects of his practice, Andrew applies due diligence and careful planning, ensuring clients are confident in their understanding of the legal process. He is particularly adept at crafting effective, tailored solutions to complicated challenges.

Andrew’s practice focuses on helping clients navigate sophisticated tax, finance, corporate reorganization and restructuring matters. His background includes extensive work advising clients regarding the tax aspects of global trade, investment, and finance in challenging and diverse environments in the APAC region.

Andrew asserts that, contrary to what many believe, tax law is not about numbers. It is about effectively structuring transactions to minimize tax risks. Because the tax landscape is dynamic and continually presenting new challenges, clients look to Andrew for his unique combination of experience, dedication, and creativity to provide frontline advice. Tax structures he has helped devise and implement have resulted in substantial efficiencies.

Andrew is also one of the firm’s most experienced counselors in international trade and financing-related matters. He particularly excels at advising clients with respect to cross-border trade matters and obtaining financing for cross-border transactions.

Clients further benefit from Andrew’s ability to assist in raising funds through private sources, capital markets, or financing. The process of raising money can be timely, costly, and difficult. Andrew’s knowledge and experience ensures that clients are able to access capital that’s right for their businesses – the way that’s right for their businesses.

Andrew prioritizes understanding his clients’ businesses and their goals. His personal background coupled with the exposure he has had to many different business environments, people, and cultures grants him a unique perspective that allows him to quickly grasp what needs to be done. He is known for listening carefully to his clients and then offering advice which is sensitive to the business concerns as well as the legal concerns.