Anthony Espejo


Anthony Espejo

Known for being fair, honest, and a great communicator, Anthony Espejo provides strategic and practical advice for employment law and commercial litigation matters. His sound judgement leads to targeted advice to find the best resolutions while his experience means he avoids wasting time or energy on strategies that aren’t productive. 

Clear communication is one of his biggest strengths as an experienced insurance defence litigator. He works through a problem logically to find the most fair and reasonable resolution, but won’t hesitate to take a hard line and fiercely protect a client’s interest when needed in mediations, pre-trial conferences, judicial dispute resolutions, chambers, and trials.

Anthony is a skilled problem-solver who finds solutions by getting to know the details of each client and their unique circumstances. In employment law, he represents both employers and employees in matters including termination, wrongful dismissal, reasonable notice, and restrictive covenants. He also has experience with human rights issues and drafting workplace policies.

His experience with workers’ compensation, employment, human rights, wrongful dismissals, and other litigation allows him to outline possible outcomes at the start to avoid unnecessary surprises for his clients. With experience working in the insurance industry, he advises his clients on issues that include the Workers’ Compensation Board bar to action, section B, failure to disclose a material change in risk, misrepresentation, and defamation. He has also provided opinions to insurers on claims falling under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Anthony believes the best marketing is delivering good work and never shying away from the hard work. Clients can rest assured knowing that Anthony always puts in the additional work necessary to provide them with exceptional support.