Chris Lane, K.C.


Chris Lane, K.C.

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Chris Lane, K.C. provides advice and representation to businesses and individuals in all aspects of labour and employment law, with particular experience handling drug and alcohol-related labour issues in the workplace. 

In his labour law practice, his clients include owners and contractors involved in large construction projects, healthcare providers, and industrial clients. 

Always forward-thinking, Chris develops long-term labour relations plans that navigate issues and builds a foundation for successful union relationships. He assists with collective bargaining, policy development, double-breasting union avoidance, and the development of Project Labour Agreements and grievance arbitrations relating to matters including employee discharges, the validity of employer policies, and pay and benefits disputes. 

As a trusted advisor to employers, he helps develop and execute strike and lockout contingency plans and works with employers and the Employment Standards branch to obtain approval of extended shift schedules. He advises employers in arbitrations and Labour Relations Board and court proceedings and has extensive knowledge of union certification applications, decertification applications, and common employer and successorship applications. 

In his employment law practice, employers count on him for almost daily advice on various dismissal issues, including dismissals with just cause, reasonable severance pay, and strategies to reduce severance. He provides advice and representation to employers on human rights issues, including the accommodation of disabled employees, sexual harassment, and racial discrimination. In addition, he has acted as Independent Supervising Solicitor in the execution of several Anton Pillar search and seizure orders.

Communicating in clear and understandable language is one of his main strengths, as well as the ability to adapt to new and evolving situations. A strategist and critical thinker, Chris has the skill to handle both collaborative or adversarial situations depending on what approach will best advance his client's position.

Well-known for “best-in-class” work, diligence in meeting time expectations, and reasonable fees, Chris believes there is no substitute for active listening. He pays careful attention to a client's requirements and goals in order to craft a tailored plan. Every challenge his clients face is taken personally. Chris puts himself in his clients’ position and advocates like it is his own.