Elise Cartier


Elise Cartier

Elise is a lawyer known for her deep understanding of the challenges faced by organizations and professionals.

With a practice focused primarily on labour and employment, Elise frequently handles workplace investigations, restructuring and constructive dismissal, employment agreements, implementing and strengthening workplace policies, wrongful dismissal, and unjust dismissal complaints. In the area of human rights, she is skilled in assessing and recommending accommodation possibilities, evaluating undue hardship, providing internal human rights training, and responding to human rights complaints and claims. Specific to workplace organization, Elise assists with restructuring and reorganizing, and avoiding constructive dismissal complaints in the process.

On the management side, Elise works with employers to mitigate the severity of conflicts and implement internal changes to prevent future occurrences. She regularly advises employers on large scale restructures, policy and regulatory changes, and ‎acquisitions.‎ With a background as an in-house Legal Counsel for a federally regulated company, she has acquired valuable experience that significantly deepened her understanding of the Canada Labour Code. This exposure not only honed her ability to comprehend business intricacies but also heightened her awareness of the requirements of client-side in-house legal departments. Moreover, it underscored the pivotal importance of delivering pragmatic and actionable legal advice.

Elise is knowledgeable and skilled in commercial litigation, civil litigation, tort law and products liability, as well as disputes related to Alberta's electricity sector. In addition to representing clients in arbitration ‎hearings, ‎before ‎administrative tribunals, and at mediations and settlement negotiations, Elise has ‎‎appeared before all levels of Court in Alberta and given strategic advice to clients in the education, energy, power, transportation, and aviation sectors.

Elise works with individuals, small businesses, and major organizations. Her goal is to deliver top-notch service to her clients by establishing expectations early and maintaining timely communication. She handles legal matters with a realistic and impartial approach. In addition, she is adept at developing efficient ways to meet organizational needs and aims to find practical solutions to prevent prolonged litigation.