Eric Appelt


Eric Appelt

A thorough and effective litigator, Eric works diligently to protect his clients’ interests.

His diverse and growing practice includes commercial litigation, professional liability, and environmental regulatory matters. Eric is particularly skilled in professional disciplinary matters. Employing his competitive, organized, and analytical approach, he effectively acts on behalf of clients in a variety of disciplinary settings.

Eric also lends his skill to insurance defence work, representing both individuals and corporations across a number of industries. He has represented clients in appearances before Alberta’s Provincial Court and Court of King's Bench, and has participated in various forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Eric is a strong legal writer, with the ability to isolate the relevant facts, relate them to the legal question at hand, and communicate his findings in a clear, straightforward manner.

Eric excels at building rewarding relationships in and outside of the courtroom. He relies on excellent communication, timely service, and a comfortable atmosphere to build rapport with his clients in order to advance their goals.

Eric regularly devotes his time and acuity to community involvement, including work with Pro Bono Law Alberta - Civil Claims Duty Counsel.