James Lingwood


James Lingwood

James Lingwood is a trusted advisor, representing and advising employers and employees on a full range of labour, employment, and related issues. He seeks the most efficient and effective way to help his clients overcome legal obstacles and achieve their goals.

In his labour relations practice, James acts to assist employers dealing with various union-related matters including layoff and strike planning, collective agreement negotiation, union certification drives and applications, revocation of union bargaining rights, union avoidance, unfair labour practice complaintsand grievance arbitrations. When litigation is necessary, James is a calm and persuasive advocate for employers.

James represents both federally and provincially regulated employers such as utilities providers, health care and continuing care providers, remote camp services, manufacturing and construction entities, and public employers. James has particular experience working with school boards, municipalities, and manufacturing and construction and construction-related organizations.

James also handles a wide variety of employment-related matters on behalf of both employers and individuals. These include wrongful dismissal claims and litigation, employment contract drafting, interpretation and negotiation, management review and development, employment policy development, and school board governance issues. In the interrelated area of human rights, James advises organizations on how to manage risk to avoid human rights and avoid successful complaints. He is an effective advocate for his clients when litigation of a claim is required. 

James enjoys finding effective and creative ways to apply his knowledge to new situations and concerns facing his clients. He thrives on working with a variety of people in different industries and learning about the practical necessities of their enterprises so he can use legal tools to support their operational needs. His employment law clients include organizations of all sizes and complexities across a broad range of industries, including education, construction, manufacturing, professional services, communications, hospitality, health care, insurance, and local government.

James has appeared before all levels of court in Alberta, the Alberta Labour Relations Board, the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal, Employment Standards Officers, and in federal and provincial labour arbitrations. He welcomes the challenge of litigation and thinking on his feet in high-pressure situations, but also embraces the opportunity to avoid or mitigate problems where client interests do not require a litigious response. He has a reputation for integrity and being a principled and disciplined litigator who embraces arguments with reason and logic. Not one to jump to conclusions, James is known for his methodical and organized argumentative style.

Collaborative in his approach, James enjoys the benefit of the deep pool of talent at McLennan Ross and the internal culture built around a willingness to share ideas and thoughts that allows him to provide comprehensive advice. He has always been attracted to the ability to learn, read, and consider things from an academic standpoint in a way that benefits someone practically. James offers thorough and responsive advice and works well with short timelines to produce accurate solutions.

Most of all, James enjoys working with people to understand their needs and to find how those needs can intersect with the particular legal framework.