Lydia Roseman


Lydia Roseman

Level-headed and dependable, clients benefit from Lydia’s ability to craft insightful and practical solutions.

Lydia’s diverse practice includes corporate commercial securities, tax law, estate planning, construction drafting, and regulatory matters. In her practice, Lydia remains conscious of how the law impacts real people, real families, real businesses, and real communities. She accounts for these realities and is committed to offering well-reasoned advice.

Whether she is developing an estate plan, facilitating asset or business sales, implementing tax planning structures, or advocating on behalf of clients for changes in the regulatory framework, Lydia’s clients can count on her to deliver a clear road map of their options and the risks involved.

Prior to joining McLennan Ross, Lydia began articling at the Alberta Court of Appeal where she routinely researched legal issues, reviewed, edited, and commented on draft decisions.

Lydia remains well versed in the latest legal developments. She often shares her knowledge and expertise by publishing practical advice on current issues likely to impact her clients.