Maxine Fine


Maxine Fine

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Compassionate and thoughtful by nature, Maxine works to strike a balance in any dispute, with her clients’ best interests in mind. She is determined to provide practical, timely, and concise resolutions.

Maxine maintains a general litigation practice with a focus on construction and estates. Her construction work involves representing clients from various sectors of the construction industry in a wide range of matters, including construction projects, contractual disputes, and more. In her estate litigation practice, she works with clients to navigate estate-related disputes.

With a positive attitude and a focus on the clients’ end objectives, she puts her clients at ease by managing concerns and expectations and explaining the complexities of the law in a straightforward and well-organized manner.

Maxine values her ability to establish genuine connections with clients. She adopts an inquisitive approach towards matters with the aim of grasping key issues and intricate details. Client-centric, accessible, and results driven, Maxine exhausts all avenues to provide forthright assessment of all legal matters.