National Safety OHS Virtual Conference


Many of the decisions that have awarded damages against the employer for a “poorly handled” investigation have arisen from a failure to follow and comply with procedural fairness. Do you know how to conduct an investigation the right way?

Why Should You Attend This Conference?

In the hours and days immediately following a serious workplace accident, it's critical that any organization starting an investigation take precautionary measures to ensure the results of the investigation are covered by privilege. As any employer experiencing the tragedy of a serious workplace accident knows, post-accident investigations matter for many reasons. Carrying them out properly is essential. Failing to do so can result in:

  • Ineffective corrective action with the possibility of unsafe conditions continuing to exist or it can lead to another accident.
  • Financial and criminal liability for any injury and/or fatality.
  • Potential fines, stop-work orders, or other business impacting penalties
  • Increased risk of further civil liabilities in any future legal actions.

Click here to check out the full schedule of this 2-day virtual conference, where industry experts, including MR's David Myrol, K.C., ICD.D and Iain Bailey, will discuss the various aspects of privileged & internal investigations, preservation of evidence, conducting witness interviews, and much more!

Who Should Attend:

If you own/run a business, have a role in occupational health & safety, HR, or employee relations, you need to know how to properly conduct privileged and confidential investigations the right way.

This conference has concluded. Thank you to all who attended.