Accommodating Disabilities: How Far do Employers Have to Go?

- 01:30 PM

Accommodating employees with disabilities in the workplace can be extremely challenging.

Questions often arise about how much information an employer can request to help in the accommodation process, and the extent to which workplace modifications must be made is not always clear. The McLennan Ross Labour & Employment team has a wealth of experience assisting clients in navigating the accommodation process.

In this seminar, Vicki Giles and Keshav Bhargava reviewed the expectations placed on employers when engaging in accommodation efforts and provided updates on the latest developments in the law with respect to how far employers are required to go to ensure equal opportunities in the workplace for employees with disabilities.

 Topics covered in this presentation included:

  • Best practices for the accommodation process.
  • How much medical information can be requested?
  • Workplace modifications – what must be considered?
  • Paying accommodated employees.
  • Engaging the assistance of the employee (and Union).

This webinar was designed for in-house counsel, human resources and labour relations professionals.

Cost: $50

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