ESG in the Insurance Context

- 01:00 PM

Our insurance partners, Sue Remmer, Jennifer Biernaskie, and Erin Crosley, along with special guests, Christine Maligec (VP Enterprise Risk Services) and Clayton Reynolds (VP ESG and Risk Solutions) of Marsh Canada, were the panelists for this virtual discussion focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies in the insurance context. ESG  is a key focus for corporations across all industries, particularly as many investors require transparent and accountable reporting on ESG criteria. Our panelists explored ESG trends specifically in the insurance industry.

Topics included:

• ESG planning for insurers 
• Effects of ESG on underwriting – requirements for ESG strategies and support from insurers
• Impacts of ESG from the claims perspective
• Influence of the global pandemic on ESG strategies and policies
• Practical considerations for creating and implementing ESG policies

Click here to view the session recording.