Mental Health Claims and WCB

- 01:30 PM Mountain Time

Claims for psychiatric and psychological injuries are a rapidly developing area for employers. When those injuries are brought forward as workers’ compensation claims they can create significant challenges and uncertainty. That can be mitigated significantly with knowledge of the fundamentals of how the WCB approaches these claims and what steps are advisable and necessary for employers when faced with them.

In this session, Blake Hafso and Kristen Hamilton provided guidance and best practices to employers on navigating employee psychiatric and psychological concerns in the Alberta WCB context. Some of the topics that will be explored include:

  • Understanding the WCB process and requirements for employers who are faced with potentially work related psychiatric or psychological injuries in their work force
  • Understanding the five types of psychiatric and psychological injuries that the WCB will consider work related and the requirements for coverage to arise
  • Engaging with the WCB to return employees with psychiatric and psychological injuries to work
  • Understanding the intersection of psychological claims and constructive dismissal
  • Understanding how these claims are approached on a practical level and in recent cases at the WCB Appeals Commission
  • Practical tips on navigating the WCB system

Who Should Attend: This webinar was designed for in-house counsel and labour relations, human resources, operations and finance professionals.

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