Terminations with Cause

- 01:30 PM

While there are various catalysts for a company to terminate an employee, how should you prepare for a termination with cause? It's important to ensure you are following the correct steps, documenting the process, and engaging external assistance when necessary. The McLennan Ross Labour & Employment team has a wealth of experience assisting clients to manage their risk while conducting a with cause termination.

In this webinar, James Lingwood and Anthony Espejo will review the law and provide you with the latest developments regarding terminations with cause.

Topics covered in this presentation include:

  • Traps to avoid and best practices in terminating employees
  • Employee mitigation responsibilities following a with cause termination 
  • Benefits and risks of pre-termination investigations in just cause assessments

Who Should Attend: This webinar is designed for business owners, individuals in management-ownership roles, and human resources professionals.

Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Time: 12 PM – 1:30 PM

Cost: $75

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